All About Gundogs

Gundogs are not only an asset to many police and armed forces, but also a joy to own and work with, renowned for their obedience, enthusiasm and energy, and adored as pets the world over. The following articles take a closer look at this unique canine group, offering potential buyers and dog lovers in general the chance to explore the differing breeds available, their purposes and their individual characteristics.

Breed Varieties

It is generally accepted that the gundog group comprises of four distinct categories; setters and pointers, spaniels, retrievers and the all-rounders or HPRs (Hunt Point Retrieve). Before choosing the perfect fit for you, it’s important to have an understanding of each variety, regardless of whether you intend to use your dog for working or show purposes, or simply as a member of the family.

Making the Right Decision

Once you have decided on the most suitable breed, you can begin with searching for reputable breeders or perhaps looking for an older dog, the pros and cons of which will be discussed later. Then begins the training; an integral part of rearing any puppy, let alone a wilful and exuberant gundog!

Gundogs as Pets

Working dogs bred to aid the hunter and flourish out on the fields are quite dissimilar to those born for the show ring or the family home. Of course, gundogs are famed for their popularity, particularly the Labrador, and with the right training and regular exercise can make the best of pets.


The website will also examine health issues and offer advice on how to keep your gundog happy and in tip top shape.