Choosing Between a Puppy and an Adult Dog

With so many rescue dogs in desperate need of a new home, it’s a tough decision to disregard their plight and opt instead to purchase an 8 week old puppy. Of course, such adorable youngsters melt hearts and offer a blank canvas for training and development, although older dogs certainly have their advantages and can make the perfect fit for your household. Everyone should consider adoption prior to going to a breeder, pet store or online.

Puppy Pros

fall-1005154_960_720– Let’s face it, puppies are really cute. Not just in their physical appearance but also in the way they amble about and interact with their surroundings.

– Selecting a dog from a respected breeder will ensure your pet is free from genetic abnormalities and disease, and interacting with the breeder’s other dogs can provide an indication of your chosen pup’s future temperament.

– Choosing a puppy allows you to mould your dog into your ideal co-worker or companion, free from previously learned behaviors.

Puppy Cons

Pure bred pedigree dogs can cost huge amounts of money, particularly for rarer breeds or puppies born of champions. Aside from the financial factor, pups also require constant care and attention, and go through frustrating developmental stages, such as teething and toilet training.

Adult Pros

– An adult rescue dog has already experienced those time-consuming and often challenging periods of growth. No need for sleepless nights or staying at home to relieve an untrained pup.

– One of the most common reasons for giving up a pet is a mismatch of energy. A puppy’s fully matured character cannot be determined from birth. However, with an adult dog, what you see is what you get.

– The gift of giving a rescue dog a second home is incomparable. The majority of sheltered pets prove their worth as attentive, affectionate and loyal friends.

Adult Cons

Owners wishing to use their gundogs for hunting may find it more difficult to adequately train an older dog to the standard of one accustomed to the field from birth. Nevertheless, there are plenty of wonderful rescue centres who specialize in re homing working gundogs.