Enthusiasm Galore: Spaniels

Bursting with bags of energy, this high octane group is an essential component to the gundog field, primary utilised to flush the game out of hiding. Modern spaniels also retrieve the fallen quarry whilst working closely to their handler, flashing through brambles and hunting at exceptional speeds. This natural vitality and abundance of enthusiasm equates to a rewarding yet lively pet requiring vigorous exercise.

Cocker Spaniel

cocker-spaniel-577146_960_720Originally bred to pursue woodcock, the Cocker Spaniel and its American relative are the smallest of the group, yet arguably the happiest. With an ever wagging tail, incessant action in the field and a gentle nature, it’s no surprise that the Cocker remains a family favourite still able to hunt with the best of them.

Springer Spaniel

Earning their name by springing forward to flush the game into nets, this high spirited breed is a workaholic on the hunt, constantly on the move and boasting unlimited endurance. Springers come in both English and Welsh varieties, each equally placid and affectionate.

Clumber Spaniel

This heavyset spaniel’s name derives from Clumber Park in Nottingham, where the breed was introduced by the Duke of Newcastle. Less active than its lighter cousins, the Clumber can hunt at a steady pace for hours on end, perfect for those seeking a more relaxed outing. The breed’s affable character has earned many admirers, confirming their status as a wonderful family pet.

Field Spaniel

Handsome and calm, the rarer Field Spaniel is more often seen in the show ring than out on a hunt, which is unfortunate as these dogs have a superb nose ideal for rough shooting. Easy to train with a soft and sensitive disposition, these devoted breeds love to be around people, making the Field an excellent companion.

Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel is the tallest of the group and is renowned for its curly coat, versatile ability and distinct sense of humor. An enthusiastic retriever and an excellent swimmer, this loveable character adores the water and is particularly adept at hunting wildfowl.