Keeping your Gundog in Tip Top Shape

Mix-sunshineHealthcare plays a crucial part in keeping your gundog happy, which encompasses more than just regular trips to the vet, but also involves providing daily exercise and maintaining mundane tasks, such as clipping toenails and brushing teeth.

Breed Checks

Once you have chosen your preferred gundog type, spend some time researching their common diseases and health issues. Select a reputable, KC registered breeder that can show certified evidence that both parents have been fully screened and are suitable for breeding.

Eating Habits

A balanced diet full of nutrition is recommended to keep your canine in peak physical condition. Limit treats to prevent obesity and avoid dangerous foods, including chocolate, grapes and onions. You may need to alternate to food specifically tailored to senior dogs as your pet enters his later years, and younger working dogs will require a higher protein intake. Fresh water should be available at all times.

Staying Active

Gundogs need more exercise than any other canine group. Their natural energy and affinity with mankind has established their status as expert hunters for centuries. Even dogs not used for working purposes need an outlet to expend such dynamism. Aside from hiking, walking and jogging, try cycling or skating with your pet at your side, and encourage your gundog to swim at any opportunity. It’s also a great idea to enlist your companion in an agility class or mock field events to strengthen your bond and stimulate both the mind and body.

Grooming Advice

Whilst this handsome group are not renowned for their glamorous manes, even short coated breeds need a little attention when it comes to grooming. Check out the recommended tips for each individual breed to ensure they look their best and don’t forget to keep nails trimmed and teeth clean.

Professional Help

Annual visits to the vet can help to identify any problems before they become serious, plus provide the chance to discuss your pet’s general health and keep up to date with vaccinations. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and can reward you and your companion with extra years of priceless friendship.