The Epitome of Elegance: Setters and Pointers

Generally large in size and powerful in build, these elegant gundogs are required to locate the game in open countryside and alert their handler to its presence. Excellent trackers and particularly effective with birds, setters and pointers make the perfect addition to any working gundog pack. The following list provides a brief overview of the group’s most familiar breeds.

German Pointer

Available in short, long and wired haired varieties, the hugely popular German Pointer is actually an all-purpose gundog, versatile in both water and on land. An expert on point but also a soft mouthed retriever, this smart and boisterous dog makes an equally rewarding pet for active owners with plenty of energy.

English Pointer

The Pointer boasts a rich history of aristocracy and a scenting prowess unlike any other. Gentle, mild mannered and somewhat reserved with strangers, this master of the field is as hard working, loyal and stylish as they come.

Irish Setter

irish-setter-959117_960_720A mainstay on the show ring circuit, the adored Irish Setter comes in the traditional red variety and also in a beautiful red and white combination. Despite its glamorous image, this hardy gundog makes a great companion in the field with its adaptability, swift learning ability and eagerness to please.

Gordon Setter

Sporting a glossy black and tan coat, this gundog heavyweight boasts brains, beauty and plenty of bird sense. The largest of the group, this noble yet friendly breed was introduced by the Duke of Gordon in 1820 and remains a fulfilling choice for the home and the field alike.

English Setter

The English Setter differs from its cousins by its distinctive feathered coat, which can be found in varieties of white tinted with flecks of blue, orange and liver. Peaceful, sociable and intelligent, this athletic gundog covers the ground tirelessly and effortlessly, ensuring its status as a top hunting buddy.