Versatility at its Best: HPRs

Gundogs that are part of the Hunt, Point and Retrieve group are bred to fulfil all the basic requirements of hunting, from locating targets to pointing the game to retrieving the fallen prey. Each originating from mainland Europe, these all-round breeds are becoming increasingly popular in the shooting field and can be wonderful pets for owners experienced enough to know how to stimulate such active dogs both physically and mentally.

Hungarian Vizsla

dog-1190024_960_720Athletic yet elegant, the Vizsla sports a russet gold coat and an aristocratic air. The breed loves to work in water, has a great memory and boasts a lively albeit gentle mannered temperament, making this one of the most common dogs in its native land and an upcoming favorite in the UK and US.


This enthusiastic French HPR is always on the go, working closer to its handler than any other gundog and offering an excellent bird instinct with an incessant eagerness to please. With his good looks and friendly personality, the Brittany can also be a fantastic pet for those who can expend his endless energy.

Italian Spinone

Large, rugged and methodical, this gentle giant has enjoyed plenty of hunting success with his slow, steady approach, exceptional retrieval skills even from deep, freezing waters, and his willingness to work with his handler. The Spinone’s thick, wiry coat is simple to keep in good condition and the breed’s forgiving, faithful nature makes him a delightful household companion.


The Weimaraner is instantly recognizable due to its gunmetal colouring and striking pale eyes. Originally bred to hunt big game, nowadays the Silver Ghost is more at home tracking smaller prey and can be a fearless and obedient co-worker in the field, in addition to an obedient and loving pet for the right owner.

Bracco Italiano

Believed to be an ancient breed dating back to the 4th or 5th century BC, the Bracco Italiano is one of the lesser known HPR gundogs. Despite his ponderous expression and large size, this diligent specimen can move at great speeds and is an expert hunter of all manner of upland gamebirds.